My name is Alex Staudt and I’m a Graphic Designer from Germany majoring in editorial design, book design, and typography. 

MElville Brand Design
Art Director from Nov 2021 until Today

Herburg Weiland <—
Graphic Designer from Oct 2021 — Feb 2022

Slanted Publishers UG <— 
Graphic Designer Intern from Aug 2018 Feb 2019

schnellervorlauf gmbh <— 
Graphic Designer from Jan 2016 Aug 2018

Master of Arts in Editorial Design
at FH Dortmund from April 2020 until November 2021

Bachelor of Arts in Communication Design
at University of Applied Sciences Augsburg from Oct 2016 until Jan 2020

Stiftung buchkunst — Förderpreis für junge buchgestaltung 2021
Dear Future Historians
— Shortlist
One Hundred and Fifty of Seven Thousand One Hundred and Seventy Eight of the Most False and Misleading Claims Made by President Donald Trump in Just Twenty Five Days (from August 17th to September 10th) of 2020. Collected, Analyzed, and Corrected by the Washington Post.
— Shortlist

If you’d like to get in touch with me, please contact me email or follow me on instagram.

Picture credit: Martin De Cringis